Course Office Hours

Every week I host a google hangout, which students in my current courses can join to ask questions and get help.

Before You Join

Before you join the google hangout, prepare the following things:

  • A brief description of your question or issue.
  • Have any code snippets related to your question / issue published to github (repo or a gist) or an online editor like JSBin.

IMPORTANT: Send me a message in Slack or email me just before office hours, letting me know you plan on attending.

When You Join

As soon as you join the google hangout, add brief question / issue to the text chat.  If you're the only person in the call, we'll start chatting about your question / issue right away. If there are other people in the google hangout, then I'll answer the questions in the order that they are listed in the chat screen.

Rules for Office Hours

Please be respectful and kind to everyone on the google hangout. When I'm helping other people, please feel free to ask questions and make comments, but be careful to not monopolize the time.

When Is Office Hours

Office hours can change, depending on my schedule but I try to host office hours every Tuesday at 5:00PM Pacific Time.

Join Office Hours