Learn How to Develop Realtime Web Apps

Author: James Moore

tl;dr - I'm creating a course on building realtime apps with React, Golang and RethinkDB.  The course isn't done yet, I'm releasing new content as I create it.  You can sign up for the course free for a limited time while it's in beta.

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The Evolving Web

The web is constantly evolving.  My first experience with the web was with the lynx browser, a pretty horrible experience in hindsight but it seemed awesome at the time.

Then there was Web 1.0, followed by Web 2.0; classifications I never really cared for, but the names that stuck.  I guess we're calling the current period "Post Web 2.0" or basically a period with no name which is probably a good thing. For a lot of developers web 2.0 is remembered as a period where rich interactive web sites that used Ajax became the norm.  We've gone through a period where there weren't any big steps forward (Like Ajax) until now..

The Next Step

I think the next evolution is a push to Realtime features.  Well actually it's already happened for the big companies, we see realtime features in Twitter, Facebook and Google apps to name a few.  What hasn't happened yet is adoption by smaller companies and corporate entities.  But it's coming...

Get Started Now

I'm putting together a course on building realtime apps with React, Golang and RethinkDB.  I've decided to release it a little bit at a time as I create the content.  I'm calling it a beta course, and am offering it free to anyone that joins during the Beta period.

Who's the course designed for?

I'm designing the course for Professional Developers who are competent in one or more languages but have little to no exposure to the Technologies covered.  If you're a new but smart/savvy software developer, by all means take the course.

Lean Learning

My goal is to teach you just what you need to build a realtime app.  I'd rather not cover every nook and cranny of the tech used, that can be boring and potentially a waste of your limited time.  Our goal for the course is to make something useful as quick as possible.

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