Episode 10 - Building Realtime Applications Just Got Easy

Author: James Moore

Creating realtime web applications has been possible for a while now, however up until recently it's been kind of a pain and required a big engineering effort.

I think this is largely because the tools haven’t provided exactly what we needed to do realtime in a simple and painless way.

Luckily this has all changed, now it's pretty easy to build realtime applications and it's my goal to prove that to you in this episode.

The best way to prove this is by showing you, so we'll build a simple single page application the uses realtime features from top to bottom.

The app we'll build is a realtime question & feedback application that could be used at a meetup. For example when people at the meetup have a question, they could post their question and it would be immediately streamed to everyone using the app.

At it’s core it’s just a simple crud application, except all interactions happen in realtime.

Here is the technology stack we'll use:

  • RethinkDB as our database
  • Node.js or IO.js server platform
  • Koajs a cool Node.js web framework
  • Socket.io a library for bi-directional communication between the server and the client
  • AngularJs as our client side javascript framework

Let's briefly look at each piece of the stack we'll use in this tutorial:

RethinkDB which is a relatively new, open source, NoSQL database that stores JSON documents. It’s fast, scalable, easy to administer and a Joy to program with. Recently the folks at RethinkDB added some killer features for doing realtime. A feature called changefeeds, that in my opinion fills a big gap and makes implementing realtime features a breeze.

We'll use node.js as our server platform which is a great choice for realtime applications.

I chose to use Koajs as the web framework, as it is my favorite, but you could also use express.js, hapi or pretty much any other nodejs web framework.

To communicate between the server and the browser in realtime we'll be using socket.io. For those of you who aren't familiar, socket.io is a library that creates a continuous connection between the server and the client, that allows event based messages to be passed back and forth.

On the client-side we'll be using Angularjs, a framework with some cool features that can be helpful in writing well structured client-side JavaScript.

Don't worry if your not fluent in Angular.js, I'll provide just enough of an overview for you to understand what is happening.

Lastly we'll be using a fun experimental library I'm building called BindTable. BindTable basically allows you to bind a client side object to a rethinkDB query. When changes happen on the server, the changes are automatically synchronized with the clientside object.

Source code for this episode can be found at: https://github.com/knowthen/Episode-10-Building-realtime-web-applications

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