Software Development Courses

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Elixir & Phoenix for Beginners

In this course you'll learn how to build highly concurrent, fault-tolerant, responsive applications with Elixir and the Phoenix web framework. This course includes 150+ videos, totaling ~17.5 hours of thoughtfully created content.

GraphQL for Beginners with JavaScript

In this course You’ll learn: What GraphQL is. Why you should use GraphQL instead of REST. How to create GraphQL Queries. How to create a GraphQL Server.

Functional Concepts in JavaScript with Ramda

In this free mini-course, you'll learn about functional programming concepts like: map, filter, reduce, curry and function composition.

Functional Programming for Beginners with JavaScript

In this course You’ll learn: The essence of what Functional Programming is. Why you’d want to write programs in a functional programming style. How to think about creating programs following a Functional Programming Style.

Elm Beyond the Basics

In this course You’ll learn how to: Communicate using HTTP and Websocket, Create Full Components Using the Elm Architecture, Build Single Page Apps, Use Ports and More

Elm for Beginners

Quickly learn how to build front end Web Apps, using Elmlang, an amazing new Functional Programming language

Realtime Apps | React, Golang & RethinkDB

Learn how to build realtime apps, using cutting edge technologies: Reactjs, Golang & RethinkDB