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Episode 8 – Serving Content in Koajs with Marko

In this episode we'll look at Marko a relatively new and fast templating engine available in Node.js and in the browser.

There are over two dozens choices in templating engines available in node.js, and figuring out which one to use can be quite the burden.

Here is my advice, you must consider Marko!

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Episode 7 – Serving Content in Koajs with Swig

In this episode we'll look at serving content from Koajs with Swig: a fast, extensible and popular templating language available in node.js and in the browser.

This is the second episode in a three part series on serving content from Koajs.  In the first episode we looked at Jade, an excellent , unique and popular templating language.  This week we'll contrast Jade with a more more conventional choice: Swig.

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