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Tips for Aspiring Software Developers

I started learning how to program in the late 1990’s. It was exciting times, the first dot com bubble hadn’t yet burst and I wanted in. I was determined to learn how to write software as fast as possible. So I started buying books and reading the newsgroups. I eventually learned, but in hindsight I realize that I wasted a ridiculous amount of time. Knowing what I know now, here’s what I'd do differently...

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Programmers Don't Forget to Memorize

Do you ever feel like calling yourself a "Professional Googler", might better represent your job? I’d say most developers, feel this way at times. As a young inexperienced programmer we start using Google out of necessity, we just don’t know enough to get our job done. Google becomes the crutch that helps us get where we need to go. The problem is, those who use crutches, move slowly and a lot of us developers seem to be ok living with crutches...

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Learn How to Develop Realtime Web Apps

I'm creating a course on building realtime apps with React, Golang and RethinkDB.  The course isn't done yet, I'm releasing new content as I create it.  You can sign up for the course free for a limited time while it's in beta.

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Episode 10 - Building Realtime Applications Just Got Easy

In this tutorial screencast we'll look at creating realtime web applications. Creating realtime web applications has been possible for a while now, however up until recently it's been kind of a pain and required a big engineering effort.

I think this is largely because the tools haven’t provided exactly what we needed to do realtime in a simple and painless way...

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